haad gei!

well well, just when ya think ya were used to seein everyting on the jappo tv, along comes the haad gei...

"this haad gei loves the little children!"

he's been a corner on baku-ten, a saturday evening variety show featurin a bunch o junk. this week, haad gei is trying to convince a bunch o kids to eat their most hated foods...the PIMAN! green peppah for ya dummies oot there..

here's haad gei rockin up to a kid..

an here he is shakin his junk for the kid

here's haad gei playin wit the kiddies in the jungle gym..

an here is haad gei tryin to drive the bad piman vibes outta a kid..

haad gei got the ghetto blaster out an got the kids singin a song and dancin'.. the lyrics? GEI! GEI! GEI! GEI! GEI!

a little bit later, haad gei cooked up a delicious peanut butter, green pepper an bacon onigiri, and the kid was a convert!


yea, yep.

rabbit, rabbit

yea, a shinasoba from usagi-tei .. kinda lonely lil' place, either a radio or tv on in the background, chillled oot for a friday afternoon.

the soup was soupy, the noodles, noodly, chashew like chashew. some onion doing its thang, floppy ole nori, menn..mma. no surprises all round. what made the bowl was the extra 'erbs..

ah, fridaye afternoons, sun goin' down..


shoe was on the way to the suupa, an needed some lunch on the way. shoe had had an eye on a ramen joint near the suupa for some time, and the time was ripe to pounce. alas! it was closed. so shoe headed down the street an found yo! teco instead.

a mix o tonkotsu an shoyuu, the yotteco delivered, no surprises. hilite o the bowl was the chashew, some sweet sweet thin slices o piggy goodness. hurrah for da chashew!

an heres a look at the chanpon-men. not real chanpon mind you (shoe'll school y'all on what chanpon is aboot someday, kiddies..), jus' a load o veggies in a peanuty-oily broth. na bad.


it'd been too long.. shoe needed a tonkotsu fix. enter the seiya. shoe went for the chashew-men, plunked down at the counter, and the Great Wait started. not a hell of a lot happens at seiya. usually you see ramen guys behind the counter in a whirl o action, dollops o this, chunks o that flyin places, lotsa whoopin' an great slashing movements all over the place. the two dudes at seiya however stood there like great stone moais. every other minute, one of them would take a wee noodle an rub it tenderly. then, when the signal came, ske-bam! in a quick, tightly scripted flow of action, all the shit went down and the bowl was placed in front o shoe for the eatin'.

the bowl. great gloppy tonkotsu with thick yellow noodles. average chashew an a healthy dose o nori made for a pretty good fix.

iffn you hit the chitosekarasuyama shoppe, you'll see some wiggid sideburn action to boot, always entertainin.

oppai puddin'

shoe's girlfriend went down to the expo in the nagoya, an' brought back a lil' somethin' that nagoya is proud of, apparently..

the oppai puddin!

just so's ya know it's from nagoya, the fine designers just hadta add some iconic nagoya imagery; the golden dragon fishy thingys, and the ebi-fry.

is this all that nagoya can be proud of? hella no, fellas, when you open up the 'bra',you gets a peek of the fine titty-puddin'

どえりやー! うみやーでよー!

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